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We have just returned from Nepal. We were able to make contact with three devastated villages. We supplied them with blankets, food, and water. There are a small group of amazingly humble and compassionate Pastors working among this predominantly Buddhist and Hindu area. Christians make up maybe 3% of the population. The government and international communities had not made any contact with these very remote villages as of that time we were there.

We have a huge opportunity to show the Love of Christ in a real and tangible way. We brought relief, but we want to move into "RESTORATION", both materially, but even more importantly, spiritually.

REALITY... we can give assistance to rebuild homes for about $1000 per house and there are 82 houses. I figure another $18,000 would be easily used for other various things. This will not do it all for them, this is truly a hand up, not a hand out. Our $1000 per house will be the catalyst for the restoration we want to bring. They will have to provide most the building supplies and most of the labor. We will be bringing hope.

We have never tried this before and never tried to raise $100,000 for one thing. This is truly an act of faith. As you all know 4H.I.M. will send 100% of the donations to Nepal. None of this will go into the 4H.I.M. general fund. Please consider joining us and recruiting others to give to this. Just a thought... for marketing purposes 100 people, churches, or groups giving $1000 would reach the $100,000.

We do plan to send one or two teams over the next six months to be on the ground working along side the community. Please pray and contact us and let us know what you can do to help. Recruiting other supporters would be huge, giving is definitely appreciated and needed, and also consider going on a team. TELL OTHERS !!! Forward this information. Give us other ideas.

This is a program that every dollar given will touch the lives of the people of Nepal.

To give, go to Donate Now at the bottom of the home page,click on South Asia Projects.